The drunken speeder

This 1991 Range Rover 3.9 with all options was owned by a women from Luxembourg. One day she drove the 6-months old car out of a parking space in front of the railway station at Luxembourg City at 11 am in the morning. At this moment a Citroen CX came from the direction of the city with about 120 km/h (the police stated this later) and hit the Range under the left back side. The impact sent the 2+-ton Range 5 metres through the air, turned it onto it's side while flying and it then slid 30 more metres on it's left side until a trafic light stopped it violently.

The speeding Citroen managed to drive for nearly half a kilometre furter until the driver hit the bridge over the railway. The police found the totally drunken driver asleep at the wheel.

Neither the drunken speeder nor the women and her 3 children inside the Range Rover were hurt. The Range was sold on for 280.000.- francs (about 8000$), sold again to the UK, transformed to RHD and is still driven today.