The D-90 Tumble Dryer

This one is from an fellow american, Taren Patterson, who kindly allowed me to use his pics. His home site is at

During my annual vacation to the wilds of Kansas I had some misfortune. I was out shooting my rifle and taking some pictures of my 90, just killing time. I got in started backing up and I felt the right rear wheel drop. The front wheels came off the ground and it started to roll. What happend next was a kind of D90 tumble dryer full of guns back-packs, CD's, and a thousand rounds of .223 shells and me. The vehicle dropped the 12 feet and landed squarely on the rear safari cage, then the front hit.

I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to the Land Rover Engineer who suggest the front roll-cage for the D90. If the 90 didn't have the front roll cage I wouldn't be typing tonight. I landed on my head and neck and quickly crawled out the back window (I had my soft-top on). My chest hurt like hell and it was hurting when I would breathe, so I started walking for the highway. I had been fishing and shooting for a couple of days (and hadn't shaved or showered) so no one would pick me up walking.

The extraction of the Vehicle was noneless exciting than the actual roll. The area that I rolled in was nothing but crevices and I had to hire a Bull-Dozer to build a road up to the ledge and then a backhoe to actually pull it out of the crevice.

We hooked chains on the undercarriage and lifted the D90 vertically out of the crevice. It was really quite a site. We placed it on it's top and rolled it back over onto it's wheels. I was SICK! As for my 90, I haven't been able to get an adjuster to look it over yet. Every quarter panel has damage and the radiator would definitely need replaced. This is certainly one for the Rover Books!

Upon my enquiry Taren wrote: If you are going to use the story I should probably update you as to what became of #1060. The insurance company totalled it. A week after they totalled it I drove to Boulder Colorado and bought an AA Yellow D90. This one is equiped with an ARB Brush Bar, X9 Superwinch, Old Man Emu Suspension, BF Goodrich 285's, Hellas, Surrey Top (covers only the top--sides are still wide open), a fiber glass hardtop, and six Hellas that I bought (cheap) in Sweden last year.