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Cats and LAND ROVERs ?

By Katharina Bleuer & Annette Flottwell

Alain said that cats and Land Rovers don't mix very well. I'm not sure whether he hasn't changed his opinion since we took a four months old tomcat in our Land Rover to his place. Minx the tomcat certainly preferred the Land Rover to the company of Alain's dog ;-). Mind you, my SIII Stage One is called Yellow Cat and it qualifies for any purring contest. For all I know, all female members of our club have cats or like them. True.

How come I have never taken decent Land Rover pictures with cats then? Because I always try to talk to the cat first and till I fetch my camera they're usually gone.

Katherina did a lot better:

The two kittens used to live in Ireland, on the campsite of Mountshannon under a mobile-home. We had to check very well each time before leaving with our Land Rover "Granny", because the black one was not really visible. The white one will be a great mechanic when it gets older:-)

And then - our neighbour's cat (of course white and long-haired!) came home full of engine oil every night for several weeks, before we found out that he was sleeping in our engine bay! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that one.

Thank you so much Katharina.


How do you know that you own cats and a Landrover?

Because cat fur is even sticking to the plastic upholstery of a 109!

No, Land Rovers don't shed.



Anything to add??

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