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This page is dedicated to our members and friends world-wide.

What our friends do to their LandRovers

by Annette Flottwell

Over the last months, some of you have sent me beautiful pictures and reports about their activities. Desperately trying to find the right place to put these marvels, we decided to start a new category for these.

Some of these future features aren't ready yet, because I'm still hoping for some further details. So Robby from the Land Rover Club of the Philippines has sent me the first full report.

Later, when you'll hopefully send me more information, this will be continued. Some of the features I expect to come soon are :

  • Greenlaning near Porto (Portugal)
  • the biggest gathering of LandRover vehicles at the furthermost distance from their birthplace in the world, which give or take a few kilometres is Glenorchy NZ will be 21st march through to 24 march 2002.

  • a Brazilian adventure

Please do feel inspired to send me more of this stuff.

by Annette Flottwell

Enough preface. This is Robby Cosinj's report.

Robby's 110 before the trail,half an hour north of Pinatubo volcano.





The Land Rover Club and Sports Unlimited went to Hi-Peak, Zambales last Thursday, May 17. It is my turn to report on our latest trail. Please check out the photos

Hi-Peak is the second highest mountain of Luzon Island with an elevation of approximately 6,000 feet; it is accessible from Palauig, an hour north of Olongapo City. Distance from Manila to Hii-Peak is 260Kms. The last 25 kms leading to the Peak is an abandoned mining trail within a mining concession owned by C-Square Mining Company. A permit is necessary to enter the area.

Robby's Defender 110 and the group at end of the Trail at Hi-Peak. Where is the track behind the Rover?

The trail consists mostly of bulldozed rocks and hardened soil; generally not steep, but there were a few slopes up to 45 degrees over short distances around 100 meters -- clearly Low 4 Diff Lock terrain in a Defender. As the weather was dry, the trail did not require any towing or winching.

The higher portion of the Peak is consistently dotted with pine trees and wild strawberry bushes. The guard to the mining tunnel even caught (and slaughtered) a wild deer that day. The temperature at the end of the trail was cool, something like 20 degrees C at noon time; with a light fog constantly passing through (see the photos).

The fog and pine trees at Hi-Peak at noon time; to give you an idea of the weather and environment in a "tropical" country.

A one hour hike from the end of the Trail leads to the Peak, with panoramic view (if there is no fog) of the South China Sea, the Zambales coastline, the crater of Mount Pinatubo, and the plains of Central Luzon.

We had a convoy of 8 vehicles. The Club was represented by Dale Abenojar, Judo Bonifacio, Phil Geeslin and I. We took my Land Rover Defender 110 and Phil's Nissan Frontier Pick-up. Others in the convoy were 2 Land Cruisers and 4 Suzuki Samurais from the Taytay 4x4 Club and the Suzuki Club, including Noel Bartolome (the Philippine representative to the Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia last year) in his Suzuki Samurai. Hmmm.... A Land Rover Club Event with 1 Land Rover and 7 others....... !@#$%^&* .... SOMETHING WRONG HERE!!!

Dale drove my Defender and lead the convoy going up, which meant waiting for 10 minutes every so often for the convoy to catch-up. On the way down, it was a different story -- we had to slowly drive down to avoid the smoke belching Land Cruiser. According to Phil (who was following right behind us), it looked like Wild Dale was driving down the hill and playing mahjong! Phil, I know we were slow.

Sports Unlimited was represented by Diane Castillejo and her sister Jackie, Mark Nelson the co-host, the director JV Noriega, and a crew for the camera, audio, food, etc... Sports Unlimited got Petron to provide 170 liter of fuel for each vehicle -- for FREE!

Robby Consunji