Conrico - developing the world

To anyone reading about Land Rovers the name Conrico sounds familiar. The company was established in 1991 as export dealer for Land Rover and in 1994 they were named official UK-based export distributor. They do however not only sell complete vehicles but also spares and accessories as well as offering training and support.

They don't however sell vehicles for use in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand as their agreement with Land Rover prohibits this. But if you want a vehicle to travel around the globe or if you're going abroad for a few years they will gladly provide you with a suitable car. Regarding ever increasing stringent emission laws, it may be difficult to re-import those vehicles later even if they were built at Solihull. About this I mailed to Richard Bruges, Director of Corporate Development. Here's what he replied.

Main customers are government agencies, the UN, many NGO's as well as countless individuals.

To please these customers the vehicle must be reliable and easy to service. Reliability is quite good for Land Rover products but new models, especially TD5 equipped cars need sophisticated electronics like the TestBook to work on. Only rarely you will find those expensive gadgetry in the bush or in a remote mountain village. So Conrico, after hard negotiations, was able to get new Defenders still with the 300 TDi engine. Discoveries can't be bought any longer with this engine (the Discovery II has a completely different layout under the bonnet so the TDi'sdon't fit) but Conrico still has a stock of new vehicles of the last 300 TDi bunch. Currently (August 2000) they still had 33 LHD (Left Hand Drive) and 4 RHD in stock. They stock about 600 vehicles so customer demand can be satisfied in 90% out of this.

The company employs 30 people in their Chertsey, Surrey based workshop (about 9 miles from Heathrow Airport/London), many of them being bilingual to serve foreign customers.

However what makes Conricos' services so outstanding is their knowledge of foreign countries and their roads. They will exactly advise you which vehicle and which equipment you need regarding your destination. So they advise for diesel engines for West Africa or for a raised air intake for Chad and Niger- and they will explain you exactly why.

Many of their vehicles are "rest of world" specifications, meaning emissions and interior trim level may not be identical to the standard in developed countries. Additionally those vehicles may be factory modified to suit the intended operating conditions. Just think of the emission and fuel system which must often operate with low quality fuel or high sulphur contents.

This also means that local dealers or even individuals can service and repair those vehicles. Every vehicle comes with a special 12 month warranty and a labour charge free first servicing. Many sales packages contain a selection of spare parts but genuine parts can usually be shipped in the 48 hours of the order.


Off-road training is also offered and all purchasers in the UK are advised to undertake such training. Not a bad idea if you consider that many people never have driven a Land Rover before even on the road. And we all know how fast a difficult situation can turn into disaster with an inexperienced driver at the wheel.

Though I didn't buy a car from them they were extremely helpful and fast in answering my emails- still absolutely not common in our high-tech world. If they're as fast in delivering parts and support I'd gladly do business with them.