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They minimize download time and frustrating conversions.
My MAC can't read ZIP files. A JPG file doesn't become ANY smaller by ZIPing. So don't send archives!!!
Mind you, it involves less work if you send the text in Portuguese or whatever language than to strip an unknown file format to plain text if you haven't got the right program. It's two mouseclicks for you - half a days job for us if you send us a zip file.

Text: Save as Plain text, HTML or RTF. If you don't know how to do it, ask!
NO !! WORD documents please, they only increase file size and I don't own any Microsoft software.
No elaborate formatting unless it is HTML.

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If you send pictures, please tell me where they were taken. And tell me about the LandRover in the picture.

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Secretary & Reports

Series Three

Series Two

Alain Hoffmann,

10 rue d'Esch
L-4392 Pontpierre, Luxembourg

phone (+352) 36 52 08
Fax (+352) 241764

Annette Flottwell & Takeo De Meter

Le Bourg
F-16410 Sers,

Phone +33 545 62 27 20
Fax +33 545 62 27 21

Matthias Brinkmann


Coil - Sprung vehicles, roadbooks,Hybrids and conversions

Recent Technics & General requests

Membership inquiries

(Photo-) Graphics and web site maintenance, special vehicles

Postmaster + Finances

Series Three, Recovery

knows the appropriate swearword for dismantling any Series III part (in 8 languages)

Early technology

Series II vehicles

Loves gearboxes.

Series One Progamming/en français Santana / Lightweight Freelander

Joachim von Cranach

Aarestrasse 36,
CH-3627 Heimberg, Switzerland

Phone +43-33-4373741

Pierre-Benoit Clement


Javier de Mazarrasa Coll

Apartado de Correos 47078
E-28028 Madrid


David H Feely

En Gedi,
Co. Longford,
Eire (Ireland)
Mobile 00353 86 3140803

Series 1, Forward Control
(S IIb a+b)

Owns the only Series II Lara Croft

PHP specialist

Land-Rover Santana, Militar, LigeroMilitary and armoured vehicles

Love All Things Land Rover

Is restoring a S III 109

(think of the time zones- We all live in Western or Middle European Time Zones, don't call in the middle of the night!)

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