The kits are made by Dakar Cars, 1 Rowhill Cottages, Puddledock Lane, Wilmington, Kent DA2 7QF, Great Britain. According to my information the kit costs about £3000 excluding the base donor Range Rover. They can also fit them, I was told this runs around another £1500.

Club to contact: Dakar Owners and Drivers Ass., Liz and Collin Nicholls, 21 Fairford Court, Stanley road, Sutton, Surrey SM2 6RY, Tel (+44) 181 6610311

The Dakar is a kit car based on complete Range Rover mechanics and shortened chassis. The body is made of GFK plastic. At first it may look strange but in fact it's a funny car. Maybe a good alternative if your RR body is slowly rusting away. The car weights only 1500 kg and, as the chassis is shortened, has almost no front and rear overhang. The standard Rangie engine will do wonders with the lighter car.

Lenght: 3,71 m (RR: 4,56m), width: 1,81m (RR 1,89m)

The Dakar