"The Gods must be crazy"


The first movie in a serie of 3 (I think) and the best. Basically it tells the story of a bushman of the Kalahari who got a Coke bottle that was thrown out of a passing plane. He tries to get rid of the bottle by searching for the end of the world and disposing of the bottle there.

This story is mixed with another story of a buch of revolutioners trying to escape their pursuiers and yet another story of a scientist living out in the bush who meets the nice young teacher of the neighboring village

An Series I of the worst neglected species plays the most hilarous part I've ever seen played by a single car. Among it's malfonctions are a not working starter, bad brakes and no handbrake at all. The ensuing problems are an absolute must-see. The only excellent working part is a powerful winch...

For any Landrover enthusiast this movie is a must to see and own!

Pictures will be added later