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by Annette Flottwell

En Français:

What does it cost to be a member of the Land Rover Club of the Net?

Only 10 EUR a year

We use the membership money exclusively for the building/hosting of the site, postage and for acquiring Land-Rover related documentation.

Hosting is 45 EUR/month since January. We moved to a reliable and fast Linux host in Belgium.
So we would appreciate all new -and old - members to help us.

How to become a member: Norwegian Version

(many thanks to Kjell Ottar Wiklund for the translation and to Joar for inserting the right character set!)

1. You can send us the money by bank transfer or in cash. No, we have NO credit card or PayPal facilities. Bank accounts available in Belgium (that's where we need the money!)

Bank transfer- the easiest way if you live in Europe -

The main Belgian bank account:

Account # 738713298414, Annette von Flottwell

KBC Bank, Markt 11, B-8700 Tielt (Aarsele)

SWIFT or BIC code: KREDBE 85
IBAN BE94 7387 1329 8414

Reference: Landroverclub AND e-mail address

Click for Step Two, send an e-mail:

France: Contactez moi pour mon RIB français. Un cheque français est aussi accepté.

Do NOT forget Step 2 -send me an e-mail

Cash - for those of who live overseas or have to pay ridiculous bank fees:

Put 10 Euro or 10 US $ / € in an envelope. Because you won't want to tempt anybody, wrap the money in a picture of your Rover or a piece of VB beer carton... I know that snail mail is slow, but there is no other way we can handle such a small sum. We also accept Japanese Yen, Australian $ and some others. If in doubt, ASK.

Send the money to

Annette Flottwell,

Le Bourg
F-16410 Sers, France

Fax +33-545 622721
Tel +33
545 622720

Send me a note when you've sent off the letter.

2. Send an e-mail to the secretary:

Annette Flottwell:

First, I need your complete postal address. No Address - no instructions and no membership card!!

Please tell me what kind of LandRover you drive and what knowledge or interest you would like to share with other members.

3. As soon as we get the money we send you the membership card and instructions on how to access the members only section.

4. Please note: It's a tedious task for me to trace you by your account number, phone directories and faxes. No address - No card!!!!

Hva koster det å bli medlem av nettets egen Land Rover klubb?

Bare 10 Euro/ 10 US $ i &aringret

Vi bruker medlemskapspengene kun for å bygge/drifte dette webstedet, til porto, og for å få tak i Land Rover dokumentasjon.

Etter Januar har det kostet 45 EUR/m&aringned å drive dette webstedet. Vi har flyttet til en stabil og rask Linux vert i Belgia. Så vi vil gjerne at nye - og gamle - medlemmer skal hjelpe oss.

Hvordan du kan bli medlem:

1. Du kan sende penger ved bankoverf&oslashring eller kontanter. Nei, vi tar IKKE kredittkort. Bank kontoen finner du i Belgia (Det er der vi trenger pengene!).

Bankoverf&oslashring - det letteste hvis du bor i Europa:

Kontonummer 738713298414, Annette von Flottwell

KBC Bank, Markt 11, B-8700 Tielt (Aarsele)


Referanse: Landroverclub OG <e-post adresse>

2. Klikk for steg to, Send en epost.

Glem ikke Steg 2, å sende en epost.

Kontanter - for de som bor i europas utkant, eller må betale alt for h&oslashye gebyrer:

1. Legg 10 Euro/$10 US i en konvolutt. For at du ikke skal friste noen, pakk in seddelen i et bilde av Land Rover'n din eller en Frydenlund &oslashlboks .... Jeg vet at posten er treig, men det er ikke mange m&aringter å h&aringndtere en s&aringpass liten sum som dette på. Vi tar også i mot Japanske Yen, Australske dollar. Er du i tvil, SP&oslashR.

Send pengene til:

Annette Flottwell,

Le Bourg,

16410 Sers


2. Send meg en epost n&aringr du har sendt brevet. I dette brevet må du

a) Oppgi full adresse. Ingen adresse, Ikkeno medlemskap.

b) Fortell meg hva slags Land Rover du kj&oslashrer, og hvilke kunnskaper eller interesser du har, og har lyst til å dele med andre medlemmer.


3. Så snart vi f&aringr pengene, sender vi medlemskortet og instruksjoner om hvordan du kommer inn på web-omr&aringdet som er kun for medlemmer.

4. Merk: Det er slitsomtfor meg å s&oslashke deg opp via bankkonto, telefon og fax. Ingen adresse - ikkeno medlemskort!!!!

You also could make a page with a description of you, your interests and your Land Rover(s). Please include a picture of you and your car(s) so we can put it in our members section. Limit yourself to 400x... pixels size. If you don't know how to work with HTML send just plain text and your pics and we will set up the page for you.

We would also like you to do at least a single feature on a subject you know. After all the site lives by the features brought by its members. The subject may be on an technical or travels. Or a roadbook. Or anything else related to Land Rovers. Again: If you don't know how to work with HTML send just plain text and your pics and we will set up the page for you.

We offer the following advantages to our members:

Access to roadbook files.

We have a good amount of more or less precise roadbooks (tulip style) or maps and descriptions ready to drive.

Technical hints and support

We will always do our best to help our members whith any technical question.

Copies of repair handbook pages.

Who did never have a problem which he couldn't find described in his manual? If we have the right books in our collections we will try to send you a copy of what you need (a participation may be asked for more than 3 pages to cover our fax/mailing costs, smaller pages are sent as scanned image).


to some special files we can't put in the public section.


to other members files. Most of our members have deep knowledge of the cars they own. We collect the address and the special knowledge of those people and put them in a list only accessible to other members.


At least one meeting a year in a well-known place (we will try at least).


Several e-mail newsletters a year.

Additionally we offer a free one-year membership for each member who writes 10 full features for our site.