The following comments were taken somewhere from an list in which you could put your comments on cars you own or have owned. Those on Rovers were-- a bit special. If anyone can tell me where they come from I'll gladly give credit.

Comments on the 1965 Land Rover 109

The ancient rover is like my computer, an ancient MAC, they barely
run but atleast I know what is wrong with them. I love the old bucket
of bolts. I bought it from a guy who was in the process of driving
around the world and just ran out of cash. I think he got the better
end of the deal. My other cars are a 1965 VW bug, a 1988 Subaru
wagon and a 1989 Plymoth mini van. the mini van gets the heaviest
work out hauling kids and stuff, but the fun trips are done in the diesel
rover. I've been to latin amerca with it too many times and to alaska
twice. it never seems to completely stop, but then it never really runs
all that well either... thanks for all your chuckles on the radio. you
help-ed me through the hard part when my first wife died of a brain
tumor. I looked foreward to the weekend to listen to youall and
finally get some laughs. thanks

My '65 Land Rover has a name which is only used in reverent and
gentle tones."Arfy" has carried this grateful family on many a
memorable "adventure"

Comments on the 1995 Land Rover

It's noisy, it's uncomfortable, it's gas guzzler, It's impractical, but it's
fun. It's a he-man's car and I love it.

Ever since watching the scene in "The Gods Must Be Crazy" when
the LandRover winches itself into a tree, I've wanted one of these.
After growing through two Jeeps in ten years, I took the plunge. This
vehicle is all that its image makers promise. Off-road, with its long
travel coil springs, it goes anywhere. I've modified it for plowing and
for hauling firewood. Because of the short wheelbase, it needs about
500 lbs of sand in the back, but is the equivalent of an F-250 in
moving mounds of the white stuff around. However, it also has lived
up to its reputation for unreliability coming out of the factory. There
was a recall on the transmission; one of the chips to control fuel flow
had to be replaced; and the main fuse blew. The dealership has been
wonderful, providing a loaner Discovery each time I've brought it in.
If I didn't live 4 miles from them, though, it would have been an
onerous breaking-in period. The big V-8 GUZZLES gas but has the
acceleration of a barge. There are NO creature comforts. I wouldn't
have this as my only car but it is FUN. (Interestingly, our other car is
a Discovery, and is very good on trips as well as being off-road

I plan to be buried in it.

Comments on the 1997 Land Rover

It's alright...

Of all the vehicles on the planet, the Land Rover Defender is one of
the very few that I would want to own until I am old and grey. I can't
imagine ever selling it, no matter how many mechanical breakdowns it
suffers. Within a very few years it will be impossible to purchase any
vehicle with body panels that meet at right angles. Eventually I'll be
forced to drive a glorified egg like everyone else, but I'll always have
my Rover in the garage.

ke everyone else, but I'll always have
my Rover in the garage.