The following comes from either the D90 or the Land RoverOwner Mailing list on The Net.

About those gizmo sounds:

After Chris V's post about fried light switches, inquiring minds had to know. I went out at lunch time to check things out. I opened the door and......silence........Just to be sure I checked the operation of the lights and all was as it should be. There shouldn't be a problem there as I never had the 80/100s hooked into the stock harness, only the Painless Wiring relay kit. I also noticed that the lights on sound is different from the key in sound and the diff lock sound, and the seatbelt sound. Maybe we need a Roverese translator....

Boing................Boing.................Boing = You've left the key in the ignition, moron. If you insist on continuing this behavior in spite of my best efforts to call your idiocy to your dim attention, you will be justly rewarded when my ownership changes hands without your prior notice.......

Bing....Bing.....Bing....Bing = What are you blind AND stupid?........LIGHTS dimwit, LIGHTS!.....I can shut off the mains, but I'm not wiping your nose for you as well. The sidelights should provide suitable battery drain if you insist on ignoring my warnings.

Beep.........Beep........Beep = How's that for an annoying sound? My @$$ it's engaged. Maybe if you used that diff lock lever a little more often, you poser, it would go into gear more easily. If you think this is bad, try the sound of exploding gear teeth if you forget to shift back on the tarmac. Light? You don' need no steenkin' light. Put your head on your shoulders instead of sitting on it and you might be able to remember what you're doing.

Bing.........Bing..........Bing = Oh, this is going to be good. For only the price of a shattered windshield, probably the least of my worries at that point, I'm going to get to watch you go off roading without me. Do the words Occupant Ejected mean anything to you, bozo! Buckle up, will ya, before some do-gooding imbecile wants to fit my younger brothers with some more of this electronic crap to disable the ignition until you're strapped in. Got to protect you from your fallible, fleshy selves, you know. And, as long as I've got your attention, how 'bout an oil change?????

According to the above translator, I think the problem was in the key-in detection. The werebeagles seem to have patched it up while I was in here E-mailing half the planet. Another buddy said his bimmer does the same thing from time to time. Maybe my 90 was just expressing his solidarity with his new brothers and sisters.