... and they laugh about OUR Land Rovers...

A nice collection on human errors, bad taste and simple photo tricks. Some are sexist but this isn't my fault. If someone sends me sexist jokes on men I'll put it gladly in this collection.

I got these pics sent by different friends and most without any hint of the creator. If anyone feels he has the copyright and I should remove his pic, just contact me and I'll remove it. If you want to search for yourself have a look at the following adresses:

www.DigitalLaughter.com, www.allfunnypictures.com, www.darwinawards.com

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Small cars



Strange parking spots

Daily dangers


Gone swimming

Body modifications


Life after the wrecking yard

To serve and to protect whom?


Obviously mounted pics?

Watch your back
  "Hey Jim, you'll never guess where your wife parked the truck today."    
  The first 109 double cab    





Bicycles and motorcycles



Paint jobs