Roadsigns -

and what they tell us about the people who put them up


Shot by Annette Flottwell


Australia I'd call this a provocation I'm pretty sure this one's from Norway Can anyone tell where this comes from? I think maybe Australia

Caution !

  Near county jail in the South of Texas    

Danger signs

Near Broome, Australia. Down the hill lies a croc infested river Do they have the right of way? Scotland. Some artist used a felt pen. This is sign belongs to me!
Watch for children - except buses Germany Midwest US  

Silly regulations

Those 3 were shot in France South Africa, Kraai River road


France, near a school Manhattan San Franciso? Don't trust everything you read.
Germany: Womens parking only. Maximum size 15 milimeters? Do they have a tape measure? The smallest parking lot in France

Trafic lights and stop signs

Road markings

UK. I think i drove this one myself once. Poisson d'avril means "April's fool" in french


  Dump reserved for rubbish and inhabitants Don't trow away dead bodies. No pissing or it will be confiscated
    "On May 6th, 18.. Napeleon may have pissed here"  

Which way to go

In Southern Africa France, means "All Directions" (can be found quite often) USA Road works. "If you want to go straight ahead turn left".
France:Cemetary (One Way), Tax Office (Road ends), Justice Road (no issue), Escaped People's road (No way out) France: Police office, under that: "The Big Brain". I think this one's in the Vosges UK: Maybe not THAT secret after all.

Retirement home-



Is this really The End? I like that one. Notice the artistic touch with the shotgun impacts. Long stay only?  

What the hell...?

    Seen on a toilets door in Sidney, Australia