Land Rover drivers

Strange cars and strange people

If any of the persons shown here feels uncomfortable about his pictures shown here just write me and I'll remove them.

"Just come back a bit more. It isn't so deep and we just need a short tug..."

Ooops, wait, it's just a bit deeper than I thought...

...and where the hell is my BOOT???

On the tougher part of our easter monday trip. I'm pretty sure the missing boot is still there somewhere, slowly decaying...

Oh, BTW, this is a designated mountain bike trail!

Look daddy, it's really easy to adjust that diff. Now watch, I'll show you again...

Julien and Margot's little Julie at work on mom's 110

The new and improved CARUSO gearbox for 110 TDi. Voice activated, leakproof but consumes some beer at times, joystick operated (optional)

Not very strong but reliable if regularly maintained. Except on Mondays. And late in the evenings.

Picture shows placement of experimental box, ropes were removed when he was successfully chained down.

Mich "Caruso Lightweight" at work on a 110.

Oh god, I'm sooo tired. Just a little nap. Alain (the webmaster of these pages) taking a little time out at Billing 1999.

Right: I'm so happy I just made this terrible deal. Dadu and Mireille at Billing 2000.




Left: Dadu's 110 loaded with gear for 3 people and 4 days. Starting for Billing 1998. Yes, he managed to shut the door.
Sure, it takes some getting used to but english breakfast isn't half as bad as you'd think. Alain Dreiling having breakfast at noon, Billing 1998.
Jean-Paul Federmayer, one of the best Series specialists in Luxembourg.
Every year at Billing it was some sort of sport to mount as many accessories as possible with the (usually) inappropriate tools. Luc Kremer at work, Billing 2000
René, our first secretary, got a big surprise party for his 40th birthday. Among a lot of other silly things he got this shirt. And a nice makeup.
Jibbes has some strange sides. On the left he's seen in a quite strong snowstorm wearing only a T-shirt. Right: Billing 2000
Julien, proud father of little Julie (above, working under the 110) also has a masochistic side as, beside his wife having a 110 he drives on a more or less frequent base an WW2 Willys.
Miss Lux, obviously enjoying driving the families' 110 in rather heavy terrain. This was the very first time she drove that almost new and quite large car off tarmac. Just telling it was a trail where you had constantly to stay in short box and diff locked.
Nathalie, the webmaster's best wife of all. This photo's a bit older as she drove an Suzuki LJ which she had just planted in the deepest, stinkiest mud hole around. Today her daily runabout is a Discovery.
Billing took a large toll on all. Roger Rütze, telecommunications specialist and one of the few Discovery drivers who has a snorkel. And he needs it.