How to find your serial numbers

(sorry, no Series info here. I never owned one and so I have not enough data)

on 90/110/130/Defenders


The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and max weight are stamped on a plate riveted to the top of the brake pedal box in the engine compartment.(left) The VIN is also stamped on the right-hand side outer chassis rail forward of the spring turret mounting.(right)
  • A= type approval
  • B=VIN (minimum of 17 digits)
  • C= max loaden weight permitted
  • D= max vehicle+trailer weight
  • E= max road weight front axle
  • F= max road weight rear axle

Engine serial numbers


Early 4-cylinder

Later 4-cylinder

Stamped on cast pad on the cylinder block between #3 and#5 cylinders
Stamped on a machined surface at front left hand side adjacent to the exhaust manifold front flange
Stamped above rear side cover

Gearboxes and Transfer cases

Main gearbox and transfer box LT95 - V8

Main gearbox LT85 5speed- V8

Main gearbox LT85 Lightweight divided case - V8 vehicles

Stamped on the rear of the transfer box on the opposite side of the transmission brake
Stamped on the right hand side of the front bearing plate
Stamped on top face of the gearbox behimd the gear selector lever housing


Transfer case LT230R - 4 cylinder vehicles

Transfer case LT230T - 4 cylinder and V8 vehicles from serial number suffix "B" onwards

Main gearbox LT77 - 4 cylinder vehicles

Stamped on the left hand side of the gearbox below the mainshaft rear bearing housing adjacent to the bottom cover Stamped on a pad on the right hand side of the gear box immediately below the filler plug


Stamped on side or UPPER part of the long (left) tube

On Range Rovers

It is very important that chassis and component identification numbers are given when ordering parts for Range Rovers as there are many variations available .

The V8 Engine Number is stamped on the engine block on the left hand side beetween the middle two spark plugs. The engine compression ratio is also stamped here. (see above)

The Vehicle Identification Plate which has the VIN (Chassis) Number stamped on it is located on the front body panel underneath the bonnet . Other vehicle information is also located here .

The Gearbox Identification Number for early 4 speed manual gearbox's is stamped on the front top of the gearbox next to the reversing light switch just below the gearstick housing. Later gearbox's have it stamped on the lower rear face of the Transfer box .

The Axle Identification Numbers are stamped on the main axle casings


On Discoveries

The engine Vehicle Identification Number Plate is riveted to the top of the front body panel under the bonnet. This plate carries the VIN (Chassis) number , Vehicle weight information and paint and trim colour codes. Unfortunatly it is very common for the paint and trim codes to have been left blank. The VIN number can also be found stamped into the front right-hand side of the chassis, just forward of the chassis. (see above)

The Manual Gearbox identification number is stamped into a flat plate on the bottom right hand side of the gearbox casing.

The Automatic Gearbox identification number is stamped on a plate riveted to the bottom left hand side of the gearbox casing.

The Transfer Gearbox identification number is stamped into the lower left hand side of the tranfer gearbox casing.

The Axle identification numbers are stamped into the main axle casings.