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Driving and Recovery

By Takeo De Meter and Annette Flottwell

Here we offer our views about coping with sand, mud, water and snow. These hints will never replace your own experiences, though. Somehow we all want to know first how it feels to be digging for 7 hours, don't we?


But before you try these exercises in the red heat of the Australian Desert or the Siberian snow, maybe you'd like some exercise in the mudhole next door first. If you're sure your favourite holiday should include the fun of producing double-sided sandpaper when you fry your eggs, read this about sand. Some specific hints for Australia are here. Whether you fear for your family in an emergency or you like to play and splash water: How to avoid the worst damage when crossing rivers is described here. Snow is a Land Rover playground not available in all parts of the world, but certainly less harmful than sand.

NEW! Recovery by hand in Vezuela:
Read Takeo's jungle story "noodles in a mudhole"

So you have been into deep shit ? Read here about alternatives to digging and giving up your favourite toy altogether.

Kinetic energy and recovery does away with some myths. Instead, we want you to understand how dangerous the wrong ropes or straps can be and which material to choose. The use of winches and their types are brought forward here. One April Sunday, we deliberately bogged a 110 to demonstrate the muscle-driven Tirfor hand winch to you.