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Digital maps

Those are here for enjoyment and evaluation only. Those are NOT the official maps you can buy by various suppliers. We collected them for exclusive use of our members. Some were donated by members who don't need them anymore and gave us the CD and license. So don't come and ask for pirated copies.

As the files are too large to put on the website you must order the corresponding map CDs. Write me and I'll tell you about how to order them. Important: If you are not a member you won't get them!

All of Europe on maps made for aircrafts. So design is quite different but they are very precise. Import function in OziExplorer for the maps. Will work with Fugawi to. 1:1 scale snapshot above.



Topographical maps at 1:10.000 and 1:200.000 of NRW, Germany at 1:1.000.000. As far as I know not directly compatible with OziExplorer. Maps can be printed and there's a NMEA interpreter for direct GPS connection. A complete set of digitalized maps in quite a high resoulution of the whole country. The set includes full calibration data for OziExplorer so you can use them for navigation with your laptop. Picture below: 1:1 sample. Format: JPG, TIFF.


In Octobre 2001 we got a complete set of topographic maps at an 1:50.000 scale of ICELAND. This means that ALL of Iceland is covered by these maps. Format: GEO and NOS which means you can import them directly into OziExplorer or an similar program without need of additional calibration. But this also means you can't open them without an navigation program. Paintshop doens't recognize them.



The following Maps are for the Garmin Emap/ Etrax/ Speedpilot and other Garmin products:

Austria R&R •
Austria MG
Danmark/Sweden MG
Benelux MG
Italy R&R •
Italy MG
United Kingdom R&R •
United Kingdom MG
France MG •
France R&R
Espania MG • ;
Espania R&R
Schweiz R&R •
Schweiz MG