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The Members Page

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The Digital Maps page The Roadbook page

VERY important hint on roadbook problems:

Some of you complained about the missing roadbook pictures. I am awfully sorry, these pictures have been lost in a server crash 18 months ago and I have never ever had these pictures, but I spend hours telling you to ask Alain if you need help with these. I can not repair them as I live nearly 1000 kms from the place where the missing pictures were taken. If you have any improvements to suggest, please do tell Alain. Or send me a corrected version COMPLEWTE with the pictures. It is a total waste of your and my time to keep nagging, again, I do not live in the NOrtheast of France but in the south west. Can please someone who lives there take new pictrues or make the other improvements?

So what else is new:

There is a complete Santana CD including workshop manual for S2, S3, 1300 , military 6 cylinder engine. S2 / early S3 parts lists, Santana 1300, and some military parts. Owner's manuals for every model except the Cazorla. This is one very full CD with no space left. Needless to say, existe solo en castellano. Thanks to Javier who has collected and scanned 3/4 of it. The other stuff I have assembled looking for a manual for our only Cazorla in the club. Please tell me in case you have got one.

Members Only Files Manuals on CD Series Manuals (English, français)
NEW: Series Three and Series One available on CD now.
Série Trois
aussi disponible en français!
Onderhoud Serie 3 -belgisch leger - 4x2 en nederlands. Soon to come: The Series three parts list. And last but not least: Land Rover 109 V8 en français - manuel d'opération. RARE!!

Minerva and Series One club: Battlefields 2003 in Ieper is here!!

Pictures of the Belgium National. Click here to read our report!

The Goodwill meeting 2002 and 2003 by Annette & Takeo Read it here before you see it in LRE or 4x4 Automagazine (NL) Text in English and Nederlands
More Goodwill pictures

The Billing picture Gallery Text in French / Spanish / German

The Lucas Story

(In German) El Guixaró - Mlitärallradfahrzeuge und Serie Land Rover in Spanien!
(en français) El Guixaró- rassemblement des véhicules 4x4 militaires classiques et Land-Rovers de plus de 25 ans d‘âge
For Pictures from El Guixaró click here

The good news: We have members in 19 countries now. among these 22 in Germany, 15 in Belgium, 8 in the UK, 6 in Norway and 5 in France, the Netherlands and the US.
Which types of Land Rovers are our member's favourites? (Not counting the third and fourth vehicles)
42 own one or two 90s, 110s or Defenders, most of them Tdi.
20 of us own a Series III or Lightweight
9 drive or restore one or two Series II, a or b
8 own a Discovery
4 drive a Range Rover
3 own a Series One.
The oldest Land Rover in our Club is Julie Astridge's 1949 80" yes, it is the one in September LRE. Click here for more pictures!
The rarest is certainly Joachim von Cranach's Forward Control fire engine. Or soon my StageOne protoype #4 :-)


Only a couple of us do all the work: We create new pages, maintain them, correspond with you, fix our errors and bugs and we still haven't got the time to answer all the questions we get. Of course, our members come first.

We need Help! We need a new links manager

The applicant should have some HTML experience and know Dreamweaver or Golive pretty well. If you're interested, you should also enjoy searching the Web for Landrover related links. A basic knowledge of English would do.

What can we offer? An e-mail address with unlimited space and a chance to meet Landrover enthusiasts from South Africa and the Phillipines, New Zealand and Portugal!

Lightweight and 101 specialists wanted

We would welcome any offer if you:
know a fair bit about these Land Rovers
can answer questions in passable English
have time to write the approriate answers

If you also know how to set up a web page about these vehicles, it would be almost to good to believe.

A Landroverclub e-mail address of your choice can be arranged in 5 minutes.

Offers to Annette

More French or Spanish pages? No problem. But Takeo can't translate all these 450 pages alone. So if YOU want pages in other languages, we need a couple of volunteers.


Files on request:

The different co-ordinates and descriptions for the Australian tracks are available on simple enquiry from Annette. Later we will put up a special page.

Online Files:

Sir Joseph Lucas

Click here for new Series Manuals

Useful Files

The following pdf-files are available on request on CD: HOW to order

NEW! Classic Range Rover complete with stains. 100MB approx.
300Tdi Defender Workshop Manual + LT Gearbox
300Tdi Discovery workshop manual
R380 Gearbox Overhaul Manual 60 pages
LT 230T Transbox Overhaul Manual 82 pages
LT 230Q Transbox Overhaul Manual 80 pages
V8 engine overhaul manual
Churchchill special Land Rover tools for Defender Discovery and RR all languages, 115 pages
Rovers North Parts Catalogue (english, 106 pages)
Warranty Codes Manual, all languages, 30 pages
Raised Air Intake Mounting, Defenders (all languages)


Range Manuel d'atelier (120Mo!!)
Defender (V8 CARB A PARTIR DE L'AM 99
Defender (V8 CARB A PARTIR DE 2000
Defender Td5 TOUS MODELES Manuel d'atelier (19 Mo!)
Defender 1999 - Schémas Eléctriques
Defender 1997 - Schémas Eléctriques
Moteur 300 TDi Manual de révision
Inspection Annuelle Land Rover.
LT 230Q Boîte de Vitesses Manuel d'atelier
R380 Boîte de Vitesses Manuel d'atelier
LT230T Boîte de Vitesses Manuel d'atelier
Moteurs V8 de 3,5, 3,9 & 4,2 Litre
Moteurs V8 de 4,0 & 4,6 Litre
Borg Warner 44-62 Boîte de Transfert
Atélier Freelander


Werkstatthandbuch Defender 1998 (300 TDi) (german only, deutsch, 549 Seiten)
Elektro-Handbuch 90/110/130 (deutsch, 273 Seiten)
Schaltpläne Defender (deutsch, 61 Seiten)
LT 230Q Verteilergetriebe Discover, Defender (deutsch, 76 Seiten)
LT230T Verteilergetriebe Defender, Discovery, Range Classic (deutsch, 78 Seiten)
300 TDi Motorüberholung, Defender, Disco, Range Classic (deutsch, 109 Seiten)
R 380 Getriebe, Überholung, deutsch, 69 Seite
Ölvorschriften, deutsch, 3 Seiten
TD5 Elektrohandbuch, deutsch, 295 Seiten
TD5 Inspektionscheckliste, deutsch, 3 Seiten
TD5 Werkstatthandbuch, deutsch, 485 Seiten

Series Manuals English

SIII, SI and some Series II English

English Series III and Series I manual copies including Stage One, including some nasty stains. also Series II accessories catalogue, Capstan winch and PTO. No, we won't copy the whole book and we won't scan it. 10-20 pages we will do if you tell us clearly what you need. Now also Series One parts catalogue, NOT on CD

All the above except Stage One amendement now also available on CD. These are scanned images including workshop fingerprints as PDF files, available from Annette or Takeo


Parts Catalogue, Land Rover Series IIA Bonneted Control Models (635Pages)
Repair Operation Manual, Land Rover Series II & IIA (991 Pages)

Files on CD

Files available for members: 20 US$ / 20 Euro for the CD. A second CD in the same mail is an additional 10 $ / 10 Euro. This is just to cover the media price, postage and use of the CD toaster. We will record several files on the same CD as long space is available. It may take us 1 or 2 weeks to process your order. Please pay the same way as you paid you membership fee.

The price for the CD's is to be paid BEFORE we will send them off.

Land Rover Advertising - The Later Years USA

The following advertisements are available as high resolution scans in the size 2000x3000 or higher as uncompressed TIFF. They fill a whole CD.

Look here for the pictures in low and medium resolution.