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It's over a year now that a small bunch of friends decided to found this club. It's was a chaotic year with lots of ups and downs (more ups luckily) and we're now over the top. Annette, our secretary and most overworked executive member just asked me to print out the membership cards up to 120 so I can assume we're now running close to 100 members. Not too bad for such a loosely tied bunch of enthusiasts. We are also the most visited non-commercial Land Rover Clubsite anywhere, currently getting around 700 hits a day. Our provider isn't that happy about this development though as we're one of the busiest sites on his servers. The complete website covers more than 150 MB which is a tremendous lot. Beside this we managed to get out of the red some months ago- remember, we solely rely on our membership fees.
All in all it has been a good year. We got some new friends who gave us a big helping hand like Pierre-Benoit Clement who programed a password protected access, David Feely who took in charge the Freelanders and last but not least Javier de Mazarrasa who is our man in Spain. We also get half a dozen emails a day informing us about this and that, asking us for advice or giving us clues.
Thanks folks, It hadn't been possible without your help.

We got those pictures of a deadly accident from a belgian reader together with his account and the wishes to warn others of this danger. The Defender of Jacques Gobert hit a roaming wild boar on a 4-lane road. Even only driving at 90-100 km/h didn't help him from being killed.

NEW: The Goodwill meeting 2002 by Annette & Takeo read before you see it in LRE or 4x4 Automagazine (NL)

Annette wrote an very interesting story about Sir Joseph Lucas, the inventor of the short circuit, the intermittent wipers, the self-dimming headlights and so on. Read about the fascinating work of the man later to be called "Prince of Darkness".

Also to be found here is Annete's report of the "El Guixaro"-meeting in Spain. Reserved to adult vehicles (25+) it united a great number of very interesting cars and gave them the opportunity to drive over hard terrain. This report is available in FRENCH and GERMAN. HERE you can find more pictures of this meeting.

Many of you out there know that we can give you the opportunity to try out new (and not so new) mapping software. We have a number of licensed programs to give away. Of course you should not make illegal copies! So far we have, among others, a great number of european Garmin mapsource maps as well as assorted other countries. Read more about them on our maps page.

Our roadbook pages contain detailed instructions on how to find and drive many tracks. Countries include a.o. France, Luxembourg, Italy or Belgium. Please drive responsible. We do not guarantee that any of those tracks is still open but it was legal to drive them at the time we did so. And we had a lot of fun. Picture left shows the "Fortress of the Eagles" track in the french Alps near the Mediterranean Sea.

We collected quite a lot of useful files in .pdf (Acrobat Reader)-format. Among them are some maintenance manuals as well as a lot of hard to find information. If you happen to have one of the digital manuals published recently by Land Rover themselves PLEASE contact us.
Here a short and uncomplete list of files: Defender 300TDi maintenance manual, assorted gearbox and transfer case manuals, maintenance check lists and so on. Just ask us and we will see what we can do. Remember: This is a members-only service

This is the place you can tell your mishaps with Land Rover and it's incompetent dealership. Contributions and corrections are welcome


We found some good deals recently. Remember: We don't recommend buying them but only tell you where you can get them.
The Falk Set of digital maps is currently available at the Louis Motorcycle Shops for the price of 4,95€. See for comments on our maps page. Can be ordered from End of offer July 15t 2002.
Our reader Mike Waller from the US informed me that he bought front and rear U-joints from Advance Auto Parts at the price of 12.50$ apiece compared to the 113$ the LR dealer wanted. If you are to lazy to press them out and take the old ones to the shop Mike offered to look for the part numbers if you ask him kindly.
Please mail us if you know of any good deals around.

HELP. Only a couple of us do all the work: We create new pages, maintain them, correspond with you, fix our errors and bugs and we still haven't got the time to answer all the questions we get. Of course, our members come first. We need Help! We need a new links manager. The applicant should have some HTML experience and know Dreamweaver or Golive pretty well. If you're interested, you should also enjoy searching the Web for Landrover related links. A basic knowledge of English would do. What can we offer? An e-mail address with unlimited space and a chance to meet Landrover enthusiasts from South Africa and the Phillipines, New Zealand and Portugal!
Lightweight and 101 specialists wanted We would welcome any offer if you: a) know a fair bit about these Land Rovers, b)can answer questions in passable English, c) have time to write the approriate answers. If you also know how to set up a web page about these vehicles it would be almost to good to believe. A Landroverclub e-mail address of your choice can be arranged in 5 minutes. Just contact me.